“A great balance of accurate information, humour and sensitivity. Absolutely vital viewing”.
Rosey Cummings, Nursing Services Manager, Melbourne Sexual Health Centre.

Health professionals, advisors, researchers and experts have contributed to the development of The Talk, including from La Trobe University, Victoria Police and the Centre Against Sexual Assault at the Royal Women’s Hospital in Melbourne.

Nelly applies a unique mix of wit, charm and personal warmth to deliver this expert information and advice in an approachable, unconfrontational manner, that won’t make kids or their parents squirm.

The Talk
is suitable for high-school aged students and contains frank and factual information about sex, health and relationships. We advise parents and carers to watch the DVD through first and to then sit down with the teenagers in their life and watch it together, as a family. Our hope is that in doing so, you will start your own version of The Talk and continue the vital discussion about something that touches all of our lives in some way or another: sex.

Here's some clips from The Talk DVD